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Sort of done


Still need to shape the sheet and am debating whether to add more pillows but….


Half scale window used

So this bay window is actually a half scale bay window from Houseworks, but I’ll be using it diffently….

It is painted matte black to sit the upper parts of exteriro walls, then the bottom is painted with antique gold, the top/roof is painted in pewter/old silver with added “rivets”


Dressing a bed in miniature, trial and error version

The lighthouse is converted into a mini-living dwelling instead of its usual purpose. So it needs a dressed bed as well as curtains for the bedroom area.

First I Tore away the bulky bedding box that came with the bed. Then it got a couple of coats of paint.

Then I added a few slats where the new lower bed would go. Will also tuft the mattress, not that it will show, but I’ll know it will be there…