Just a few pics from Farum show, Denmark 2013

Fanstic craftmanship

Now where can I use some veneer?

Club memebers from the Danish show Matador

Hats as fas as one can see

More from the TV series Matador



Haberdashery store in Matador

MAtador outside

Matador sleepy

Handblown glass, so detailed

More of the fantastic glass items

Club project basements

Club project basements 2

Club project basements 3

Club project under the ceiling

Club project basements 4

Club project basements 5

Club project basements 6

Club project basements 7

Hand dressed doll-personalities

Haute couture

Haute couture 2

Haute couture 3

Haute couture 4

Haute couture close up

Haute couture close up 2

Haute couture close up 3

Haute couture close up 4

Inspiraitonal garden items, mosaic tiles

More pottery and hand made flowers


Gorgeous lamps


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